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I ordered a fridge on the 31st, from AJ Madison, and specifically asked about the delivery time and was told 7-10 business days. It shipped on the 1st....or so the email stated. I waited one week and kept checking the tracking number to see the status had not changed. I called their Customer Service # and got Debra who was a "manager" and was told that they were sure it had left the Home Direct Facility and did not know why their system was not updating. She assured me I would be getting it within that time frame stated.

I called Home Direct and got a really nice guy who told me the TRUTH. The truth is the refrigerator was sitting in the JFK Metro facility and had been sitting there for 5 days. It would not be leaving to come to Salt Lake till next week and they expected it to arrive on Feb 20th, at their storage facility, and then probably several days to deliver to my house.

I currently do not having a working refrigerator and the time element is crucial and was the reason I placed the order. I could not buy this model locally, or I would have. I have size limitations in a small home.

AJ Madison makes promises they do not keep. AJ Madison tells you only what you want to hear. AJ Madison will not give REFUNDS!!!

Reality....I might have my fridge on Feb 22-24th...but probably not by looking at the hundreds and hundreds of complaints on BBB and the ones here. I have no refrigerator and no way to keep food. Thinking about stop payment on my credit card.

I have no way to complain to a higher authority because they will not let you transfer out of the customer service area.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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