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$13,700 worth of appliances ordered nearly 3 months ago. Took almost 3 months get all my appliances and I am still waiting on a door handle.

. Did I mention that they tried to deliver to my old address of 4 years ago. Really!!!! I can't even find that old address in my profile.

Not to mention that my shipping and billing address are identical and up to date on my receipt. How that happens, nor I or AJ Madison could explain that one. But wait, it gets better. Upon contacting CS and getting a zillion apologies, for trying to send my appliances to the wrong address, the same thing happened AGAIN!!!

The only thing that saved me was that I had Customer Service copy me on the email that they sent to billing to rectify their 1st mistake so I was able to intercept the local delivery and show them the correspondence. Bottom line: If everything runs smooth, then you may save some money here. However, if anything runs afoul, which is more probable, then it will take hours to straighten out with customer service. If you order more than one item then you must wait until all items are in to ship, which could be months.

For example, if you order a refrigerator, dishwasher and ice maker and the refrigerator and dishwasher is in stock and the ice maker is not, then you must wait until the ice maker is in stock for the other items to ship. This could be months. Trust me on that..... If you think that if you have a problem and that it will get straitened out in a 5 minute phone call then you are sadly mistaken.

This is not AMAZON. Your WAIT TIME is 40 minutes easy and when someone answers, they usually have to send you to another department to complete everything. If you still want to order from AJ Madison, after reading this, then put your seat belt on because it is going to be a bumpy ride. BTW, Rather than ordering the washer and dryer from AJ, I decided to buy local, (Best Buy) about same price but had to pay taxes so it was a little more.

However, I ordered 5 days ago and I am already washing clothes, while I am still waiting to close my order with AJ from last year. If your time is worth something to you, then buy elsewhere.

Review about: Aj Madison Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Don't want anything from AJ...Just want others to know how bad an experience they could have by trying to save a few dollars.

I liked: Tabacle.

I didn't like: Customer service is the worst.

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Socorro, New Mexico, United States #1303937

Worst Company Ever! Ordered washing machine on 10/05/2016 and it arrived damaged.

. Communication has been terrible, holidays and what not, plus someone finally contacts you and when you reply THEY NO LONGER WORKS THERE!! Says a lot about that AJ MADISON. Weeks has passed, finally talked to a manager had the nerve to say the damaged was purely cosmetic.

I did not spend that much money for a broken washing machine (cosmetic or not). Agreed to send us the part (door) on 11/23/16. Two shipments related parts arrived except the DOOR.

It is 3/17/2017 and no Door. Every time I look at it, makes me even madder!!

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