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The old saying "time is money" applies to this outfit. Customer Service SUCKS, The company called HomeSite they use for delivery is pathetic.

Totally POOR experience with a promised delivery NOT made. You end up on hold trying to get their customer service dept. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND !!!! Go to Sears, Lowes or Home Depot where reputation matters.

I tried to cancel my order and these folks wanted a 30% re-stocking fee.

This company is trying to provide national service but they do not have the support needed. I would think that they WILL NOT BE IN BUSINESS too long as they can't deliver SERVICE

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AJ Madison DOES suck... I'm a New Yorker, an after trying to deal with their customer service, BEFORE i made a purchase, I'm pleased to say they will never get my business....

they are truly horrendous at communication, and I'm glad I didn't make the mistake of buying from them. I'll tell you I think the same of Sears, and plan to be suing them for our refrigerator that went bust a few months after the warranty expired.

Better to use Plessers (my choice), or US appliance, or Abes of Maine, or Home Depot, etc. A word to the wise.


AJ Madison & their delivery service sucks. A bunch of *** Yankees & incompetents.......Not worth saving the sales tax.

to Anonymous #1370400

Try not to be prejudiced because of where they are located... it's just as stupid as if I said some company sucks because they are in the south. They suck because they suck, NOT because of where they are.


You are absolutely right. They have low prices but their customer support is horrible.

I too ordered from them and after receiving the wrong product it took me almost 45 mins on hold and two transfers before I could get someone to help me.

Also, they are based in N.Y. And it takes at least 7 days to receive it.

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